Thursday, January 26, 2017

With an Eye to the Children We Never Knew: The Bloodiest Century By Far

Roughly the equivalent of one seventh of the world’s present population has been killed in the womb of mothers over the last century.  (1.01 billion abortions vs 7.4 billion population)

In the US the proportion aborted is even higher: the total number is roughly the equivalent of one sixth of the present US population.  (58 million abortions vs 324 million population)

Government policy is the single biggest cause of this – by far.   The cases of South Africa and Poland demonstrate the historical rise (or fall) of abortion after the legal introduction (or elimination).

These are some of the biggest take-aways from the release of the most comprehensive and most carefully constructed database of abortion statistics for the world over the last century:  Abortion World Wide Report (2017). This PowerPoint by authors Thomas W. Jacobson, M.A., and Wm. Robert Johnston, Ph.D., gives a good overview of the massive report that upends the World Health Organization’s and the United Nations’ contentions on the data.  The debate on good statistics and reporting that this report ought to trigger will be interesting, though when good data is on the side of life and love “the opposition” tends to ignore it rather than bring attention to it by contesting it.

Pat Fagan, Director of MARRI


  1. It is horrifying!!!! I don't understand how anyone can sleep at night with the blood of all these beautiful innocents on their hands..God have mercy on us all!!

  2. Thank you Pat. I´m writing my dissertation assessing the relationship of liberal abortion policy to national security. Your slides may provide me with some useful quantitative visuals. I also use Johnston´s archive in my research.